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Selling a Property

Buying and selling commercial and residential property over the last 21 years (17 years in Los Alcazares and 4 in the UK) has provided us with a unique insight.

A personal pet hate is no notice period for a viewing. The dreaded phone call; “Hi, I have a client with me at the moment, could we view your property in an hour?”

Having been on the receiving end of this scenario, I never felt that it was humanly possible to tidy in time and have an adequate viewing. As a business model, I have always thought that there are two components to a sale, effectively two clients. These are the seller and the buyer. The seller deserves the right to be treated equally. Experience in this sector has indicated that referrals are generated from both sources.


One of our properties recently had a viewing; it appeared to be positive but there was no feedback provided. As a seller, you need this feedback to improve or enhance the quality of a viewing and address any issues that could prevent a successful viewing.



The Process

We are here to manage a process from infancy to conclusion, keeping the buyer and seller informed at every stage.


“Send us the photos and we will stick them on our website” I don’t think so, all photography is put through image enhancement technology to ensure that your property is displayed to it’s best potential.





Thank you for taking the time to read this article, join us soon for an insight into the local property market and things that you should consider before buying a property

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