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LA The Movie Set

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To those of you who don’t know, this may spark some interesting coffee talk. With a budget of 100 million dollars they searched high and low for a set that could fit the spec. The white military base located towards the edge of Los Alcázares was exactly what they were looking for.

An unsuspecting me was having a hair cut when I gazed up to see if it was my turn when all of a sudden I saw him, well at least I thought I did as it was Matt Damon´s stunt double that looked over at me and said; “ I think I’m next”. I pretended that this sort of thing happens to me every day and thought that it would be best to ignore him, you know in an effort to look cooler somehow.

Later that day it was the talk of the town, movie extras were being sought and the Los Narejos hotel, yes in it’s entirety had been rented out to the film crew minus Matt Damon who I believe had more lavish dwellings elsewhere.
I always thought that a period drama would be filmed here and not a war movie but I guess it was very logical at the time.
Matt must have loved this place.

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