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Los Alcázares has four principle districts with many more that sit on the border. Each one has very different characteristics that need to be considered when choosing a place to live.


Los Narejos

This area offers some of the larger style properties as it dates back to the time where Los Alcázares gained independence from San Javier. I feel the need to mention at this point that no area is better than another in anyway, they are all just different, that said Los Narejos offers a small commercial district that is branded as; “The Boulevard” and offers a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and banks.
Probably the most notable feature of this area is the school which is situated a stones throw from the commercial area. The school is the equivalent of a grammar school in the UK and as such there is a charge per child. It is eleven years old and has achieved its status with one of the highest pass rates in the region of Murcia.
Las Claras is also one of the only recognised bilingual schools and has a relationship with the Tinity exam board. Their success has been rewarded by the opening of another branch called ”La Flota” in Murcia.
Other costs such as uniform, lunch, books and school trips to name a few can tip the line between being affordable or not. The school itself is divided into three parts, (the nursery, primary and secondary) this can mean that children can complete the education cycle without moving schools or districts, something that has a real bearing on deciding where to live. For this reason, the Oasis has become a sought after residential area with larger family homes maintaining their rental and sale prices.
A Doctor’s clinic serves residents who live in this area and it’s location is walking distance with a pharmacy not too far away. The state system has been modernised considerably in the last few years and there is even a mobile phone application that you can use to make an appointment. Something that most people don’t know is that children under the age of 14 can’t be seen here, they must go to the one located in the new town even if you live in the catchment area of the Oasis.
A small shopping centre serves the area on the road that takes you to the airport. There is a supermarket and a cinema which screens movies in English once a week. This area offers a lower build quality because construction going back some 25 years was primarily done with pre-fabricated concreate effectively placed together like building blocks. This can make the properties much colder in the winter but it can easily be rectified these days.

New Town


About fifteen years ago the village had aspirations of becoming a town with ambitious plans to build a theatre, conference centre, commercial pier, municipal golf course and much more. The world economical crisis put many of these projects on hold or cancelled.
The theatre exists and is located very close to the military base at the edge of the town. Unfortunately it never opened but the golf course was banked and is now slowly becoming a focal point once again.
Modern in its appearance, this part of the town offers all the amenities and facilities such as banks, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, shops, clubs and police station. Personally it’s a stark contrast from the Oasis.  Community living means that people are in your life everyday, making friends is much easier and it provides a level of security knowing that you are not alone. The Oasis would suit people who crave the opposite and privacy is key.  A lot of the housing here was built to offer community living and good value for money if your intention was to rent out your property. So many of the plots of empty land has once again been marked out for development.  The doctors clinic is situated at the very end of the road that runs between the main shopping area and the residential strip. Again something that most people don’t know is that there are two care homes located in this area, both private they offer care for the elderly. In both cases a doctor, registered nurses and carers are all included within the price. Not particularly cheap with prices ranging from 1,450 euros to just under 1,800 euros a month.  There is a school which serves this area, quite handy if you want your children to be independent especially if you are working. It has a very good reputation and there are plenty of English children who attend.

The Old Town


Adding a sense of charm and ambience to this little town is the ever popular old town. It also has a commercial zone mainly aimed at tourists and does offer some wonderful restaurants, a museum and not to mention a small marina. Leading off from the town hall in the direction of Torre Pacheco is the industrial part of the town with agricultural export, double glazing suppliers, clothing exporters and much more that provides essential economical power and serves as a reminder that there is much more then meets the eye.

This area offers a contrast to the town which every year pays homage to graffiti competitions so you will find street art in the most precarious twists and turns as you walk around. It’s not an area that loves the car so it’s best to park before you explore.  On route to this area, you will discover the “Rambla” known for its beach parties, food festivals and its night market – it’s something of a treasure find. The locals frequent this area a lot and as the Church bells sound at the weekends you will often find the older members of the community playing dominos in the passage way between the bakery and the beach mainly on Sunday’s.

The Municipal Golf Course

The area which screams “I’m right over here!” was dubbed the money belt as speculators moved in and developed large dwellings. This was before the crisis took hold, today you will find the golf course packed with golfers and those that aspire to be. There is a club house that overlooks the greenery and it’s not a bad place to have a coffee and relax. The four star hotel is also a fantastic place to relax, it has a wonderful coffee shop and restaurant area that’s open to the public.
The residential area (known as Lomas) marks the border of Los Alcázares is a stones throw away from the hotel. I love the wide open spaces and the architecture, every house is so very unique in style and build.
Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you found the article useful in some way.

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